Thursday, August 05, 2004

Police Chief Convention

On Monday Toy called me and told me that I was parading Wendsday night. There was a police chief convention in town and they wanted to have a short little parade to give the out of towners a taste of Mobile Mardi Gras. It was last minute so there were several people making phone calls to find anyone who had a costume handy to come down and participate. Two floats from two different Mardi Gras societies were used. There was one group of ladies that walked throught the pavillion and handed out beads prior to the parade. My dad 'Chief Slacabamarinico" lead the parade in one of the Jacees cars. We circled the parking lot of Battleship Park twice. It was really short and hot but I think the crowd liked it. At the end the driver made the mistake of pulling the floats up next to each other and a bead fight between all the rider broke out and went on for about 10 minutes. I think that was the best part of the parade. Afterwards a lot of us just hung around in the parking lot and drank. The jacees had a go cart and several people including my son got to ride it in the parking lot. After about an hour we changed clothes and went to Biloti's for more drinks and socializing. It was really late before I got home.

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