Sunday, January 30, 2005

Order of Inca

The Inca's prepared to parade on Friday night despite the threat of rain. As I stood a couple of blocks from the beginning it began to sprinkle and then get a little harder. However, I am not one to let a little rain run me off. If these guys are going to get aboard their floats to entertain then I will be there to watch. Luckily, as the last float passed by me the rain quit and the guys had the rest of the parade to dry out before their ball.

The theme of the evening was 'I want to be'. The theme and most of the floats were designed by two good friends of mine and they did a terrific job. Craig Stevens build has built the Inca floats for several years now and they are some of the most beautiful you will see on the streets. I guess all that training under my favorite float builder, Steve Mussel of the Mirth Company, paid off. Floats consisted of: I want to be a millionaire, I want to run with the bulls, I want to live in a harem and I want to be a country boy among others. My favorite was I want to be a rock star, with figures of the members of Kiss on the float and the maskers dressed with masks to match and long, wild black wigs. The Inca's don't throw as much as some groups but they throw all the good stuff. I caught a sleeve of theme cups, tons of beads, a couple of stuffed animals and a Inca bead which I wore to the ball.

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Incas roll despite chilly weather
Apollo's Mystic Ladies parade through Daphne
Saturday, January 29, 2005
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Crowds brave cold and rain to watch Incas and Mystic Ladies
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Posted By: Ron Reams

The Inca's are one of the few organizations that did not parade in their beginning. They were know for wonderful and lavish tableaus. Thankfully, when they did begin parading their tableaux did not suffer. They put on one of the best shows of any of the parading organizations. The great god Inca appears in a burst of flames from either side of the stage. He dance around the floor to the beating drums and took his place to the side of the stage to watch the show. It began with people getting off a plane on Fantasy Island and an old man trying to figure out what his fantasy was going to be. He found himself at a carnival speaking with a fortune teller, a palm reader and spinning the wheel of fortune. The fortune teller told him the his fantasy was the he wanted to be a rock star and the members of Kiss float came out jamming on their guitars. The old man did not like this so he went to see the palm reader who told him the he wanted to be a pirate. Pirates looking for treasure emerged and ended up finding an Auburn flag. Cheer and boos ensued from the crowds. This was not satisfactory to the old man so he proceeded to spin the wheel of fortune and learned that he wanted to run with the bulls. No, that was not it either so he went to the grave yard to speak with the spirit of Alabama coach Bear Bryant. This lead to more cheers and boos from the crowd and I did not think they would ever calm down. The Bear told him he could have any fantasy he wanted and he said yes and I want to be a Greek God. At this point the leader of the organization made his appearance in a horse drawn chariot and proceeded to the stage to wait for his Queen. Queen Mary Margaret, the goddess of love graced the onlookers with her presence with an elegant ensemble. These guys never disappoint the ball goers.

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Gator emerges despite the cold
Sunday, January 30, 2005
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