Friday, April 01, 2005

Flooding Rain

I woke up this morning to find that I was trapped at my house. It had been raining since before I left work yesterday and it was very heavy most of the night. I live on a corner and I could not see any yards or sidewalks no matter which way I look. Garbage cans and other debris floated by. The water was up to my stairs. I emailed my boss to let him know that I was trapped and would not be in until the water subsided. Luckily, we have pretty good drains since they did some repairs a few years back so the water was almost gone by 9:00am.


Heavy overnight rains prompt flooding, road closures
Last Update: 4/1/2005 1:31:32 PM
Posted By: Devin Walker

(MOBILE, Ala.) April 1 -- In the last 12 hours, parts of Mobile and Baldwin counties have received as much as 12 inches of rainfall.

-- Alabama Power officials say 1,105 people scattered throughout their service area are without power.

-- Balwin County officials will soon open Foley and Daphne High Schools as shelters to meet the needs of residents who need to leave their homes due to flooding. Fish River is expected to exceed flood stage by later this afternoon.

-- NAS Pensacola is open and operating, however due to the severe weather, the Commanding Officer has implemented liberal leave and liberty policy for civilian employees and military members. NASP personnel with questions should contact their immediate supervisor.

Mobile County Road Closures:

Museum at Pat Ryan Drive
Pepper Ridge @ Lloyd's Lane
Museum Dr. at Botanical Gardens
Boykin Blvd at DIP and the majority of the streets along DIP south of I-10
Government St. between Michigan and I-10
Houston St. at Broad St.
Navco Rd. at Morningside Dr.
Three Notch Rd. between Kirkwell at Rosemont
WB at Airport Blvd service rd at Baby's R us and Boats US
Government at Georgia Ave.
Old Shell Rd. at Sage
Clay st at Basil St.
Government st at Breamwood Ave
Hamilton Blvd at Rangeline Rd and Hwy 90
Cody Rd. S at Airport Blvd.
DIP at Driftwood Dr. N
Government St. at Houston St.
Farrell St. at Cotton St.
Douglas at Michigan Ave.
Old Shell Rd at Bay Shore Ave.
Halls Mill Rd at Demetropolis and Lowes Dr.
Girby Rd Between Hillcrest and Knollwood
Halls Mill at Rangeline
Cody at Cedar
Hwy 90 between Kooiman and Plantation Rd.
Clearmont at Houston
Airport at Dauphin from Sage to Florida
Zeigler at Sellers
Bankhead Tunnel at foot of Cochran Bridge
Bellingrath Road at Cold Creek between Highway 90/Fowl River Road - Water Over Road way
Four Mile Road at Highway 188 - Water Over Roadway
Baldwin County Road Closures:

Due to water covering much of the roadway, officials advise motorists to drive Hwy. 59 at their own risk.
County Rd. 32 west of 59
Booth Rd. north of Co. Rd. 44, approximately ten (10) feet of roadway is washed out
County Rd. 27/State Hwy 181 between State hwy 104 and County Rd. 64, under water and impassable
County Rd. 3/South Section St. at Battles Rd. is underwater and partially washed away
Fairhope Ave. between Ingleside Ave. and Fairwood Blvd. is underwater
North Section St. at Rosa Ave. is underwater
Main St./Scenic 98 at Forest Park, guard rail missing and road washed away
Main St./Scenic 98 at Fly Creek under water
State Hwy 104 east of County Rd. 13, water over bridge.
Fairhope Ave. west of Thompson Hall Rd. underwater
Kirkman Lane at South Section St. underwater
South Section St. partially washed away south of Pecan Ave.
County Rd. 1 and areas of Scenic U.S. Hwy 98 in Point Clear under water
Scenic US Hwy 98 at Grand Hotel completely underwater.
County Rd. 32 at Co. Rd. 27/State Hwy 181 under water.


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