Saturday, September 03, 2005

My Heart is Breaking

Let me start by saying that people on the Gulf Coast are all connected. We are all so much alike with few interesting differences. I have traveled to every state in the continental US and have never met anybody that I connect with on that level other than others that lived along the Gulf Coast. New Orleans, LA and Mobile, AL are two of the oldest cities in the US. Mobile celebrated its' 300th birthday last year and New Orleans should celebrate theirs in a few more from now. We are all family.

Having that said it is so horrible down here. You can all see the pictures like I have been watching and most of you have never been there. It is like it is my city. I know so many people there that decided to stay and nobody has heard from them since. The not knowing is the worse. I call and call all day and night with no clear lines. They have not contacted family nor friends. It is horrible.

Then I watch the TV and look at the pictures online and it tears me apart. This is my home. (The Gulf Coast) The whole area that spans 4 states wide is suffering. It has nothing to do with race, color, creed, religion and anything else the media want to get ratings off of. We are all suffering for the fate of our beloved home. There is so much destruction and death and heartache everywhere you go it is unbearable.

My husband and me have 15 dollars left. I did not get paid this week because we did not send out invoices so there was no money to pay anyone. One of the guys that works there is walking to work and home. Luke works at the bars but there is a curfew in effect so the bars can't open plus nobody has any money if they have power. I have several disconnect notices. We just don't know how this will all play out.

All I can say is pray for everyone on the Gulf Coast but especially the hardest hit. I just wanted people to know how it is affecting everyone down here.

I love this area, all of it, and you are all in my heart and soul.

Lillian Dean
Mardi Gras Lady


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