Sunday, September 04, 2005

Beads for Donations

I thought this was a unique idea. I hope he reaches his goal.

Clear Channel’s Craig Coffee is broadcasting from the balcony of a local restaurant offering Mardi Gras beads for cash donations to benefit hurricane victims. Coffee intends to man his post until he has raised $99,999.

Some people on Ebay have the same idea.

Mardi Gras Beads

Please Help Support The Victims Of Hurricane Katrina

These are brand new high quality Mardi Gras beads. They were originally purchased from New Orleans before the hurricane.

You can wear them or hang them on your rearview mirror to show your support. What better way than beads to show the people of New Orleans that we care. Just to remind them of the good times when they are going through such horrific experiences.

To all of the victims;

We thank you for all the fun parties and great memories you have given to us and we are here for you now in the most difficult of times.

This particular lot is a set of 3 necklaces in New Orleans colors purple, green & gold the beads are shaped like little dice. This grouping was requested by a group of people affected by hurricane Katrina who are currently staying in a hotel. Check my other listings for different necklaces.

I couldn't sleep last night I had to find a way to help. If this idea of mine goes over well then I will list much more of them. I am a young single mom of a baby boy and I really want to do what I can. I hear every little bit helps.


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