Sunday, November 14, 2004

Fun Filled Saturday

On Saturday morning I got up and went to a meeting brunch with the Wanna Bee Club. We met at 12:00 at TP Crockmiers and had a wonderful time. Around 3:00 we adjorned to another bar to meet Gary.

I had to leave at 6:00 to meet Luke and go the a Queen and Emblem party for one of my Mardi Gras organizations. We went and had a wonderful dinner at Blu Bistro and then went over to the party. All the drinks and food were free and it was a lot of fun. When the Queen, Emblem and President started opening gifts it was taking so long so we decided to leave and go downtown. (You will have to click on the title link to see these pictures.)

Zig and the Zigtones were playing at Monsoons and we enjoyed the show. A lot of our friends had come out to see them play.


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