Sunday, December 05, 2004

Mobile Sites

It was raining and nasty out today. I had to go to do some work for someone and then I drove downtown and took some pictures of some of the buildings and houses. Mobile has tons of beautiful historic homes and places.

These pictures were taken in a little area called Fort Conde Village. When I was young this area was a shopping area with specialty stores like an old country store and a doll store. It died out and the houses fell into disrepair. Some of them were lost forever and torn down but in recent years a group was formed and they started restoring the remaining houses. I love this area with the brick streets and the street lights.

This is the old Battlehouse Hotel. Years ago it was home to many lavish Mardi Gras balls and it was 'THE'place to stay. It was closed in 1974 and is now in the process of being restored and is scheduled to reopen in 2006.

This building was recently retored and turned into condos.

This is the Scottish Rite Temple. I was built in 1921. Designed by George Rogers, this Egyptian Revival building has stuccoed battered walls and is the only Egyptian Revival building in the city. The entrances are marked by a pair of sphinxes.

These pics are taken in historic De Tonti Village. One of my favorite neighborhoods.


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