Sunday, December 12, 2004

Wanna Bee Reunion

Yesterday I went to the Wanna Bee Club reunion luncheon. I am putting Dorothy up for membership so she was invited so everyone could get to know her better and she could see if she liked hanging out with us. She will be invited to the luncheon in January and after Mardi Gras we will vote on her and if she is she will be invited to the Summer Swarm next Spring. I gave Charlotte a bee doll and she loved it. We started out at Crockmier's. Peggy was in charge this year since she is out newest member and she did a great job. She gave all of us champagne glasses and we all signed each of them and dated them as a momento of the day. After drinking all of the Balatorie they had purchased for us and eating lunch we went to All Sports to meet up with Gary and continue the fun. Dorothy had to leave to get ready for a Christmas party at Lesleigh's house.


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