Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hurricane Dennis Part 1

Here we go again. Cindy was no big deal but this one is scary. It is already a category 2 and will be at least a 3 when it makes it here. Mobile is once again right in the middle of the cone so we are already making preparations. Max, Amy email me and I will send you my phone number. I know last time several people were trying to get in touch with me and if we get a direct hit then the power could be out for up to two weeks so no internet access. I will be able to IM on my phone a little but it costs extra so I try not to use the service too much. I have also got to research but there is a way that I can post on my blog from my phone. I can't post pics of course but could at least maybe do a play by play and post pics later. I will look into that over the next couple of days. Well at least this time we have all the wood to board up our house unlike last time we spent $600 buying wood. When we took the boards off the windows after Hurricane Ivan we marked each one so that we would know which window it was for. Luke cut each board to fit so this time all we have to do is pull out the wood and screw it to the house. I will go to the store tomorrow for supplies like water, candles, batteries, oh and of course beer. On Saturday if it looks like we are going to get clobbered then we will start boarding up and get ready to camp out in the hall on Sunday.


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