Friday, July 08, 2005

Hurricane Dennis Part II

OMG the latest update has this storm at almost a Category 5!! We are still going to stay in Mobile but I am not looking forward to it. I have to go fill up my car with gas and buy beer and we will be all set. We will board up the house tomorrow and pray. It is at 150mph winds and 938 mb pressure and it is still not in the Gulf of Mexico. That means that once it hits those warm Gulf waters it will get even stronger.

Winds: 131 to 155 mph

Damage: Extreme; almost total destruction of doors, windows. Some wall and roof failure. Major damage to lower floors of oceanfront buildings. Evacuations up to 6 miles inland. Pressure 27.17 to 27.90 inches accompanied by a storm surge of 13 to 18 feet.. Hurricanes Andrew, Hugo, and Hazel were Category 4 storms.


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