Friday, July 29, 2005

Southern Legislator Parade

Well I tried to win the raffle for the spots to parade in both of my Mardi Gras organizations but no luck. However, being the true Mardi Gras person I am there was no way a parade was going to roll with me not being a part of it when I could be. Everyone said they were so sorry that I didn't have a spot but I told them the parade is not here yet I WILL find a way. Last night around 10pm I finally called the right person and got a spot. I rode with the Order of Angels. They are a new group that began in 2002. The only person I knew was the guy that told me that I could ride. I was a little worried that some of the members would not want me there but I found out that they were wonderful people and I had a great time parading with them. If I could afford another organization I would join in a minute.

Anyway, I had two client meetings today. I drove 30 minutes to Grandbay this morning for the first meeting then back downtown to load my float then back to Theodore for the second meeting another 20 minutes away and then back downtown to get dressed in my costume to head to the parade.

I got downtown to the auditorium around 5 and met up with a bunch of the girls from one of my organizations. We tailgated out of the back of one of the girls SUV and drank champage and beer. We were told that the parade was going to roll 15 minutes early so we headed to the floats only for the parade to roll 15 minutes late. The bands would not get out of the buses until the rain stopped. No big deal. Everyone got off their floats and we had basically a street party for about 30 minutes.

Finally the parade rolled and there was a good crowd that turned out despite the weather. The people with the convention seemed to be really enjoying the show.

I did take a couple of pictures but because I was on the float I could not get a lot. My dad performed a wedding (he is a minister) and then headed down for the parade and he took a lot of pictues. He is going to email them to me so I will post them later.

Anyway, it was a great evening.

This is a bunch of people having fun before the parade.

A view from the top of the float I was on as the parade started to roll.


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